To one day reap a harvest, you need first to plant a seed.


Haslam International (HI) is a leading West Australian business helping ordinary families build more prosperous futures.

Getting ahead doesn’t have to just be about working extra hours, or cutting back on more things now to squirrel away for the future. We know that most of us are already doing the best we can.

It’s about structuring what you already have better, within your current affordability. It’s about making your money work for you in the future, whether that is in 10 or 30 years time.

We give you better superannuation options to suit your lifestyle.


Ever heard the saying that to fail to plan is to plan to fail?

At HI, we know that a small amount of time and wisdom today can affect your destiny tomorrow in a big way.

HI are well positioned to showcase strategic investment opportunities that the average person is not usually aware of.  We love serving our clients by presenting unique and affordable options for your future wealth, property and equity fund investments.  Of course, we also meet with your accountant and financial planner as part of the service we offer.

Every family and every person has a unique set of circumstances that applies only to them. Things like mature age study goals, ageing parents, income levels, or receiving an inheritance all make your path unique. We have yet to find two financial identical situations!

That’s why we listen to your motivations and concerns before we give you a strategic, tailor-made plan based on your familes’ affordability and goals. At HI, we take our obligation to educate you to a better financial future seriously.

Our consultants are easy to talk to and can give you loads of helpful hints and tips about planning where to go from here.

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